I need to vent so hopefully I can be productive at work today!

I'm beyond stressed today, over money of course! It doesn't seem to matter how hard I'm working to get caught up I seem to falling a touch farther behind! We received our electric bill (which is normally $20) and I about choked when I saw the amount....$120!!!! I have absolutely no clue where the heck that amount came from but Jason is going to go down to the electric company office and try to get to the bottom of this!

I'm trying to figure out how the heck I'm going to get all the bills paid and still manage to get caught up on our back rent! We never thought Jason would be out of work this long and the roomie has been "laid off" basically since before Christmas (they've called him in for a couple weeks at a time and then he gets laid off AGAIN!)

We still don't have the van fixed so we are relying on the roomie to let us use his car...so this is adding to the stress as well!

I've been attempting to find a dentist (since I haven't been to one in about 4 years) to go to for a cleaning but since I don't have insurance I'm looking at about $150 just for a blasted cleaning!

Can someone please tell me how I am going to dig myself out of this hole before I lose my mind???


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