Well I managed to live through the festival, even with the added drama by our "EX" roomie (way too much to add in here right now). It's taking me a little longer to bounce back this year than in previous years and I'm assuming that's due to the added responsibilities and hours this year (a blessing and a curse!). Anyway, I'm trying to get rested up so I can get back to normal and not be totally exhausted all day.

Anyway...Jason is still in the process of getting the van (which hasn't been driven in a year) running again. So far he has replaced the water pump (was inside the engine) and the battery (found to be dead after the water pump was in place). Had fun this morning because the rear drivers tire wouldn't rotate...the stupid brakes were seized up! Jason managed to get that fixed and I was only a few minutes late for work....HE IS AWESOME! The front passenger wheel assembly (don't ask me what that is...I can point it out on the van though! LOL) won't come apart (probably more rust) so Jason is having fun trying to get that apart so he can put the new lug nuts on....I think the tire is only PARTIALLY attached at the moment.

I'm possibly looking to get "magic jack" so that we can have a home telephone. I've been doing some research and while it's not perfect it's cheap and probably worth the $40 cost. I think I saw our local Staples store had it in stock so I'm hoping in a couple of weeks I can get the money saved up to get it...then I actually have to buy a phone to plug into it! LOL

Ok...time to post this before I forget

Huggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggz everyone!


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