I will update as often as possible (basically when I remember). I've been taking a little "vacation" from playing WoW, I've been playing for 3 years and try to do this at least once a year. I have been playing a really cute game called Free Realms and have been having a blast.

I've also just recently started working with PSP again after about 3 years of barely any motivation. I literally stumbled across digital scrapbooking and just made my first 2 pages (still learning! LOL).

Most of my time currently is taken up with work. I'm the "Office Manager" for the Grand Haven Coast Guard Festival...SEMPER PARATUS! I have to say this is the most fulfilling job that I can ever remember having! I'm working on completely revamping the festival's website (the old one was absolutely HORRID!) and slowly learning web design but I have a LONG way to go to get the site to look and work the way I really want it to.

Anyways...this is just the start of this blog and I hope it'll convince me to take at least a few moments a day to work on it!



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